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21st-Dec-2020 03:32 pm - HELLOOOO!!
tv | skins | naomi →don't tell

So I started this journal mostly just to have a specific journal to participate in the fandoms i've been meaning to participate in for a long time. Mostly Skins. Because I love it.

In this journal I will be posting icons, gifs, just random moments of squee and possibly even some fiction if i can work up the courage to share some!

But if you want to add me, just comment here and i'll be happy to add you back!

Peace and love!
17th-Feb-2010 12:32 pm - Icon Dump!
tv | skins | naomi →don't tell
{08} Lily Loveless
{64} Skins (ep 2, ep 3, random s3)

You Can Be My PajamasCollapse )
1st-Feb-2010 12:57 pm(no subject)
tv | skins | naomi →don't tell
all i do is make icons and squee about these shows anymore. i need...help. to say the least.

[18] The Misfits
[48] Skins (a couple Skins cast)

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20th-Jan-2010 05:46 am - More Skins Icons!
tv | skins | naomi →don't tell
[40] Skins/Skins Cast

we're happy right?Collapse )
13th-Jan-2010 02:24 am - skins gifs
tv | skins | naomi →don't tell
i made some skins 4 gifs.
just because i can.
and you know, because this show fuckin owns me! kerDUH!

14 gifs.Collapse )
sooo excited for the new series! like, happy in the pants excited. and that's real talk trufax playa!
16 DAYS YA'LL!!!
just sayin. ;)
7th-Jan-2010 12:12 pm(no subject)
tv | skins | naomi →don't tell
I rediscovered my love for making icons this week. haha.

20 Skins
Skins Cast

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